PubMed Added 490K Genomic Articles in 2016

PubMed Added 490K Genomic Articles in 2016

Genomic Publications Grow Exponentially

Of the 1,086,583 new articles published on PubMed in 2016, over 45% related to molecular medicine. To be more precise, 491,085 scientific articles were published in 2016 with a gene name in the title or abstract as listed in PubMed.

The number of new genomic articles published in 2016 was over 6 times the total the number of references manually curated for the HGMD database over the last 16 years. Manual curation has become an intractable problem with the exponential growth of the genomic literature. Automation is the only way we will be able to address the problem.

Each week, Genomenon searches for new publications on PubMed for new genomic content. Mastermind finds and indexes every disease-gene-variant association in each of these articles to keep the genomic search engine up to date.  Mastermind accelerates gene and variant curation with immediate insight into millions of prioritized scientific articles from the primary medical literature.

Initially released with full coverage of somatic and genetic cancer, cardio-related diseases and infertility, Mastermind continues to index articles covering additional disease sets. Over the last 8 months, Mastermind’s index has more than doubled from 2.1M to 4.3M genomic articles and continues to grow at a rate of 100,000 articles per week.

Mastermind will complete its index of all genomic literature this summer to cover all somatic and germline diseases.   With this, Mastermind will be the most comprehensive knowledge base of disease-gene-variant relationships culled from the medical literature – for every disease, every gene and every variant.


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