Mastermind v1.3 Genomic Search Engine Has Launched!

Mastermind v1.3 Genomic Search Engine Has Launched!

We have spent the better part of the last 3 months enhancing the layout, style and functionality of the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine user-interface. The overall appearance is more streamlined and easier to navigate and, most importantly, the data you need to curate your variants is delivered to you faster!

This layout has been maximized to allow you to quickly scan through articles and variants with expanded graphic windows and lists on initial opening and highlighted abstracts and sentence fragments that appear when you are ready to use them. We have also added some new data details that allow you to rapidly toggle through references to determine which articles contain the most meaningful content. Specific modifications are described in more detail below.

Automatically loading sentence fragments Sentence fragments from the full-text of each reference that mention genes, variants or clinically-relevant key-terms are immediately displayed permitting rapid toggling from reference to reference.



Display of gene and variant mention counts per reference For each reference, the number of times a gene or a variant is mentioned is displayed directly in the Article List allowing users to quickly prioritize which reference is likely to be the most relevant.



Protein Diagram zoom and highlight features Users can now zoom in to a specified region of the Protein Diagram which then highlights selected variants.



Key-term selection palette An interactive palette of enabled key-terms reminds users of their current selections. Always know which key-term filters you have included and remove those that you are no longer using to enhance the sensitivity of your searches.



These updates will improve the overall user experience and increase access to the content Mastermind provides. Stay tuned for continued improvements on the horizon!


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