Dr. Mark Kiel Talks About Genomic Search Engines and Genomic Interpretation on Risk Roundup

Dr. Mark Kiel Talks About Genomic Search Engines and Genomic Interpretation on Risk Roundup

How is Human Disease Genomics transforming Medicine?

Click here to see the Risk Roundup interview on YouTube

This is the best of times for Human Disease Genomics. In the coming years, due to advances in technology, massive genomic data sets from human patients and controls will likely be created and stored. Along with the advanced mechanisms for the creation, storage, analysis, integration and interpretation of a wide variety of genomic data types, Medicine and Healthcare will go through fundamental transformation and revolution.

As a result, we will see a continued growth in the number of disease genes identified. In addition, we will also develop a deepening of our understanding of the fundamental genetic architecture and human disease states. So, what will be its impact?

  • What will be the meaning of human disease genomic data?
  • What would be required to understand and evaluate massive genomic data?

It seems that because of the massive increase in genomic data creation and availability, the race to build a search engine for Human DNA is on its way. It is important that we evaluate the strategic impact and complex security risks that emerges with the availability of massive human genomic data and the accessibility that Genomic Search Engines provides.

Genomic Medicine

In the interview, Dr. Kiel talks about how Genomic Medicine, also known as Personalized Medicine, seems to be the future of Medicine. The topics Dr. Kiel and Dr. Jayshree Pandya discuss on Risk Roundup include:

  • What is Genomic Medicine?
  • How will it transform Medicine?
  • What is the current cost of Whole Genome Sequencing?
  • Why is implementation of Genomic Medicine likely be difficult to achieve?
  • What are the benefits of automating medicine?
  • How much will be the computational cost of genome analysis?
  • What are the benefits of using the genome analysis and interpretation platform?

Time is now to talk about Genomic Medicine, Personalized Medicine and how Genomic Search Engines can accelerate genomic interpretation.  The interview can be seen here.



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